Our freedom is on the ballot.

Voting YES on Issue 1 stops Ohio’s life-threatening abortion ban, which has no exceptions for rape or incest.


Get the facts here about Issue 1.

Why Ohio Needs to Vote Yes

Ohio’s abortion ban has already hurt too many people, and without Issue 1, even more extreme bans are next.

Voting YES on Issue 1 takes back our freedom to make personal decisions about abortion without government getting involved, and protects access to birth control and miscarriage care.

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Get The Facts

Independent legal experts and fact-checkers have confirmed: Opponents of this amendment are lying to mislead voters and distract from their real goal—banning abortion without exceptions.
These are the facts:

The Question

Does this amendment affect parental rights?


Ohio law requires young people to get parental consent before getting an abortion or any medical procedure, and Issue 1 does not change that. Issue 1 strengthens parental rights by getting government out of family decisions, and stops the life-threatening abortion ban that has no exceptions for rape or incest.

The Question

Does Issue 1 allow for any limits on abortion?


Ohio already has restrictions on abortion later in pregnancy, and Issue 1 does not end them. It’s right in the ballot amendment language: “abortion may be prohibited after fetal viability.” Independent fact-checkers have confirmed that Issue 1 “expressly permits the state to regulate abortions after fetal viability,” with protections and regulations to ensure the health and safety of patients.

The Question

How would this amendment impact future abortion access in Ohio?


Ohio’s government has already passed a ban on abortion that puts women’s lives at risk, and does not even have exceptions for rape or incest. Issue 1 would stop this extreme ban and block politicians from passing other bans already being advanced by opponents of Issue 1.

See the full text of Ohio’s abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest here.

The Question

Are opponents of Issue 1 “protecting women”?


Issue 1 comes down to who should have the right to make personal medical decisions about abortion: women and their families, or the government. If this amendment fails, politicians will continue to make these decisions for us: they’ve already banned abortion, and leaders of the campaign to defeat Issue 1 have even advocated for forcing children to carry pregnancies caused by rape. Voting Yes returns power to women and families.


We can stop Ohio’s extreme abortion ban and take back our families’ freedom to make the decisions that are best for us.

Vote YES by November 7.

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